Children's Music Class 10:00am Monday: Kinder Kids Sibling Discount

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MON 10 kinder (1).png

Children's Music Class 10:00am Monday: Kinder Kids Sibling Discount


Kinder class for children aged 3-5 years with their grown ups. 
Learn all sorts of songs, rhymes, lullabies and games, while gently encouraging and empowering the children to make music for themselves, positively changing the way their brains grow. These kinder classes provide more opportunities for solo singing, for the children to lead - should they wish to; through echo as well as call and response songs and games to get their bodies moving. Please see here for more class information.

Our classes are run by Julie Murray; a highly trained music educator, specialising in early development. Please see here for more info on Julie.

$12 per session

Term 4, 2019: 14 October - 20 December
All term 4 classes have 10 sessions.
Classes are held at Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre
55 Towerhill Rd, Frankston

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