Private Music Tuition

What do you want to play? Drums, piano, flute? Or are you after some help with musicianship? We offer music theory, aural lessons and VCE Music tutoring. Our private teaching studio provides individual music lessons to people aged 7 to 100 in a friendly and relaxed environment, with an emphasis on developing each student's musicianship at a pace that suits them.

We are situated in Frankston, South-Eastern of Melbourne. All lessons are strictly by appointment.

Lessons are billed monthly.
$38.50 for 30 minutes (incl. GST)
$70.85 for 60 minutes (incl. GST)


Julie Murray and John Lewis

Julie Murray and John Lewis

Sounds Like This' private teaching studio is run by John Lewis, a drummer with over 25 years professional performance and teaching experience, and Julie Murray; BMus. A classically trained musician with over ten years teaching experience. Together they offer individual music tuition to people aged 7 to 100 in a friendly and relaxed environment. Their adaptable teaching methods ensure they're teaching individuals how they learn best. It's their our job to not only teach you to play your chosen instrument, but to increase your overall level of musicianship and develop further understanding of aural concepts. Julie and John provide people with the skills and knowledge to be musicians beyond the studio. 

In 2001 Julie and John met whilst mid-air, en-route to perform in Beijing. For the last 17 years they have adventured, studied, performed, laughed, cried, had each other's back, grown up and grown businesses. Five years ago they became parents. 

John and Julie have decades of teaching experience and a whole lot of love for what they do! Together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

Music Theory, Aural Training & Help with VCE Music

One on one lessons provide the luxury of being able to spend lots of time working on the things that you find most challenging, we’re not in a hurry to move on with the rest of the class. Be it reading notation, understanding scales and modes, arpeggios, intervals, inversions, cadences, chords and chord progressions, rhythmic and melodic dictation/transcription, sight singing, solfege or key signatures. We have strategies to help you break it all down so it’s easy to understand, read and hear.

If you’re enrolled in VCE Music think you might need a little help with your theory and aural don’t wait until just before your exams to ‘get on with’ your preparation. These things can NOT be crammed!

Why learn music theory?

Maybe you’re just getting started and written music looks like a mess of black lines and squiggles. Maybe you already play an instrument, but reading music is challenging? Maybe you’ve never learnt to read music but you’re wanting to take your understanding to the next level. Maybe you would like to play with other people but your theory is letting you down, and you’re not a fast enough reader for it to be easy. We can help! 

We’ll teach you all of the fundamentals in a way that make sense to you.
We’ll help you learn techniques to make reading music easy and pleasurable.
We can help with aural comprehension, so you’re not just learning what to call the notes on the page, but what they sound like and why.
We’ll deliver your lessons at a pace that works for you.

Julie Murray BMus

Sounds Like This for Kids Presenter, 
Flute, Clarinet, Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Julie began formal music lessons on the flute at age eight after her parents could no longer ignore her relentless recorder playing. Little did they know that within a few short years they would be moving the couch to make way for her new piano. Growing up in an ACDC and Pink Floyd filled home, her mother was quite baffled when Bach and Mozart were added to the record collection, but very pleased to see Julie charming the local market goers out of their loose change as she worked her magic as a busker. 
In 2000 Julie performed as part of the Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony, then in 2001 performed to thousands during the Beijing University Games. She won the John Tallis Bursary in 2004 and has since worked in orchestras, large scale concert bands, chamber ensembles and also as a soloist.  
After completing her Bachelor of Music at the Melba Consevatorium in 2006, the Melba then hired Julie to run their individual lesson and concert programs, feeding her desire to one day open her own music school.
Julie loves sharing music with people of all ages and encourages them to be inquisitive whilst teaching them how to make music for themselves. Her lessons are for those wanting to know more than simply how to play their instrument, as she incorporates theory, aural, acoustics, history and a lot of fun into her teaching style.   

John Lewis

Drum Teacher     

John is a drummer with over 20 years experience behind the kit, 16 of those as a teacher and almost 10 years in a music shop. He was the lead percussionist of the Sydney Olympic Games Band and has also played in many rock, blues and funk projects over the years. So there aren't many drum questions that John can't answer.
He teaches with a strong focus on technique, reading, feel and style. If you want to learn how to tighten your groove, loosen your swing, or clean up your rudiments, John can help.