Where are you located?

Our children's classes are held at Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre
55 Towerhill Road, Frankston South VIC 3199

Our private teaching studio is located at a private residence on Cranbourne Rd, Frankston. The address will be provided upon booking. 


How old does my child have to be to begin instrumental lessons

Many music teachers have vastly different ideas of when a child is ready for instrumental tuition. For us, we have to think firstly, not of a child's age, but of their previous musical experiences, understanding, size and maturity. We want people to grow up LOVING their instrument and not resenting it later in life. 

We believe a person is ready for instrumental lessons when:
- They have chosen to do it.
- They understand that practicing is important if they wish to improve. Most of the growth will occur between lessons through practice. 
- They have a good sense of beat established and can walk the beat.
- They can sing tunefully.
- They are physically grown enough to get around their instrument.

We are very happy to have a chat with you about your child's readiness for private tuition. Please contact us for a chat. 

Do you offer trials for the children's classes?

Yes. It is hard to know if something is a good fit for your child and family until you see it in action. For this reason we welcome trial classes to new families. 

Please get in touch to organise your trial.

What should you expect from our classes?

Expect to sit on the floor, free of devices, singing and playing with your child. These classes are as much, if not more for the benefit of parents. You are your child’s best teacher. We provide immersive classes filled with beautiful percussive instruments, puppets and sensory items for your child to engage and explore. Classes run for 40 minutes.


For our children’s classes please see here.
For our individual music tuition please see here.
For incursion bookings please contact us and we will happily send you an incursion proposal.