I Wasn't Wagging, I had Choir Practice.

By the age of 12 I knew I loved to sing.  Luckily for me, the secondary school I was enrolled in had a strong musical culture.  After a successful junior school musical production, a junior choir was formed.  The next year, this choir became an a cappella choir called 'Stacella Choir' (a of blend of Star of the Sea College and a cappella). 

The definition of a cappella is to sing without instrumental accompaniment.  There is no safety net of a piano or backing track – just the purity of voice, our first instrument.  The power and creativity of the voice can be explored to its fullest range, and the harmonies ring true. 

I had some amazing experiences thanks to this choir.  We sang at countless school functions, as well as festivals, weddings, funerals and ceremonies.  We recorded albums.  We even did a tour of New Zealand and performed on national television at the RCH Good Friday Appeal.

In Year 11, my homeroom teacher thought I was wagging as I was rarely in homeroom each morning!  I was involved in many activities around the school, but my absence was mainly due to choir practice.  And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I loved my educational experience, but my fondest memories are of singing and being part of Stacella Choir. 

By Lauren Nilsson
Sounds Like This Teacher and Early Childhood Specialist