My Child Gets It, So Should I Stop Coming Along?


You and your child have been coming to music classes for a while now. She has favourite songs and games, she knows them inside and out. She can do the activities, she’s singing in the call and response songs, she’s singing along before her teacher even starts the class. Her fine motor is remarkably better, her balance is better, she’s more spatially aware and interacting beautifully with the other children. She’s stopping with ALL of the stops with her teacher in class. She’s anticipating the next exciting twist and turn. She’s got this.

I’ll think we’ll stop coming.

Did you know that THIS is when we can give her more? This is what we’ve been striving for, working towards, building her up to. This is when we can really start to explore new musical ideas, really challenge her problem solving abilities and ignite her imagination. This is when she can take the lead and she has the tools to express herself. This is when we can gently guide her to make more musical choices. When we can stretch her musical awareness. This is when the magic happens.

There are lots of reasons to stop an activity with your child. Maybe you’re time poor, maybe your child is overscheduled, maybe you’re overwhelmed, perhaps there’s been an arrival of a new child to your family. All of these are totally valid reasons for not continuing to do a scheduled weekly activity with your child.

In this world of high tech gizmos, and more screen time than children have ever had, and families more often than not with both parents working, split families or non traditional family set-ups, it is very important that children have your time, your attention. Our phone free, tech free, environment is rather unique in that way. All of your attention is on your child for just 40 minutes. All of it. You’re not distracted, you’re here in the moment to be all their's. What lucky children our Sounds Like This children are! You value your special bond, and you strive to build on your ever changing relationship and guide them to be the best them they can be. You take our songs and games home and share them all week long (and beyond).

Countless studies have shown that through active music making and active listening, children (and adults!!) can increase their attention span, become empathetic, improve their linguistic abilities and problem solving skills, and can increase their emotional resilience as well as their self confidence.  

I’m a parent, I understand that you can’t do all of the things all of the time. What you probably don’t know about these classes is that the more your child can do, the more we can offer them. The more we offer them, the more their wonderful little brains can grow into great BIG brains! If you’re not sure what the next step is have a chat with me at the end of class (or contact me anytime online) and I . can let you know where your child is at musically and if they’re ready for the next step, perhaps moving up to one of the Kinder Kids or Big Kids classes.

Don’t be in a rush. Give her a little while longer. Let her show you how much more she’s capable of. Let her blow you away. Let the legacy of these sessions last her entire lifetime.

By Julie Murray
Owner and Teacher