Top Tip #3 Vocal Exploration

vocal exploration.png

If you've ever come to one of our classes you'll know we spend a lot of time making funny sounds with our voices. Why in the world do we do this? There are LOTS of reasons, but here are the three main ones.  

Firstly as vocal warm ups. We do these sounds first thing in class. We make sure our mouths are moving, voices are flexible and moving freely. We want to make sure that children and parents are breathing correctly and have their vocal chords nice and warmed up for the rest of the class, and that they take these warm ups home so they don't experience vocal health problems later on down the track. You do not want vocal nodules! 

Second: Pitch association. You'll notice that we move up and down as the sound does. It's a great way for children to become aware of changing pitch and pitch placement in a play-based way. Understanding pitch placement is important if you ever want to be able to sing in tune (OF COURSE YOU DO!) and this is a kinesthetic link between the sound we are hearing and how we move our bodies.

Lastly: It a fantastic ice breaker. Nothing says 'this is a safe place to be totally comfortable being yourself' then the silly person teaching being completely relaxed to explore all the funny ways her voice and face can move and gently encourage you to do the same. It's pretty rare that these warm ups are not met with smiles all round. Who doesn't love something that makes you feel good?!
Happy music making!

By Julie Murray
Sounds Like This owner and teacher.