Take Me Home

take me home.png

Every little thing that we do in class has an intention behind it. We work very hard to ensure all of our musical selections are specifically chosen and delivered in a way that's best for growing brains, and gentle on small voices. Sounds Like This for Kids' movements frequently encourage kinesthetic association with pitch, beat, rhythm and tempo.

Our delivery is scaffolded to developmentally challenge your child just enough to keep them in that optimum learning space, while providing plenty of confidence building 'can do' moments. With all of this work and your teacher's brain to tap into, it seems silly to stop the learning when you leave our studio, right?! Then don't! Make sure you take home everything that you’re learning and use it to play away from our sessions. Sing at home, move at home and strive to deliver the songs and games, just as you experienced them in class. Most of all have fun together!

Julie Murray
Sounds Like This owner and teacher.