Just Sing

toddler music lessons

Sounds Like This for Kids is very proud to provide families with tools to become more musical, while helping to change the way our children's brains grow, for the better. We're big believers that a child's best teachers are the grown ups in their lives, who love and nurture them. It's our job to provide you with the best tools to do this. In addition to our fabulous classes, Youtube channel, blogs and newsletter, every Friday we'll be posting our "Top Tips for Easy Things You Can Do To Support Your Child's Musical Development". 

Top Tip #1 - Just Sing
You may not be Beyonce, Whitney Houston or Pavarotti, but you know what? Your child does not care! You are your child's best vocal model. You are the one who spends the time with them. You are the one who demonstrates positive body image and positive vocal image. Do not put yourself down or say nasty things about yourself, including your voice, in front of your child. Smile and demonstrate loving eye contact while you sing. You're communicating more than just the words. You're creating a world of hushed wonder. You're creating magical memories that will remain with them for their lifetime.

We want your children to adore making music and the best way for that to happen is for them to feel safe and connected to the music making. This safe place is where all of the wonderful brain development takes place, especially for little tiny ones, as their brains grow at a phenomenal rate during the first few years.

What if you absolutely can not sing? What if you have never sung? What if someone once told you that YOU CAN'T SING!? 

Chances are, you just think that you can't sing. Many people think they can't but unless there is a neurological or auditory damage most people can. Although you may not be very confident with using your voice we can help! In our classes we sing songs with limited pitch, do vocal direction exercises, incorporate vocal warm-ups so that we don't damage our vocal chords and repetition that is still scrumptious even after the 100th time. 

The best way to get better at singing is to do it! Listen carefully to our voices, think about the sound and then try. Join in with the echos in class, listen to the pitch you're producing and make corrections if it wasn't quite right. Sing gently so you don't strain your voice. We want to demonstrate singing not shouting to our children. You'll have lots of opportunities to do this, as we always repeat.

Think about the sounds that you're trying to make before you open your mouth. Can you hear the sounds in your head first? We want our songs to be ear worms for you and your child, so if you need to hear something again please let us know! We are here for you, and you are here for your child and together we can make beautiful music that will last a lifetime.

Julie Murray
Sounds Like This owner and teacher.