Everyone knows that music is great for your brain, but what's different about these classes?

Sounds Like This for Kids are Kodaly based early development sessions held in small groups for 6 month - 4 year olds and their parents.

Zoltan Kodaly said "Only the best is good enough for children". It is with this approach - that only the best will do, that we have developed our program.

All of our singing is pitched appropriately for children, that won't damage their voice and can learn to sing tunefully and beautifully. We provide opportunities for voice exploration and encourage active listening.

We sing predominantly without accompaniment so that we may use the full range of our voices, can monitor the sounds produced, learn to sing in pitch and independently. We never use synthetic music, only real instruments when accompaniment is used. We use tuned and untuned percussion to explore beat, rhythm and timbre.

These interactive classes have been planned to incorporate numerous learning opportunities for the development of all eight key intelligences for young children, while also teaching their parents songs to encourage interaction and play beyond our sessions.

Science shows that music education and active music making benefits a child's developing and growing brain enormously. Physically changing the way the brain grows, music enables them to process a host of functions better and faster as children and later in life, while significantly increasing their capacity for later learning. 

These small (maximum of 10 children) weekly classes are 45 minutes long and aim to enhance yours and your child’s appreciation of music and musical elements. You and your child will learn to sing in tune and develop a wider repertoire of songs, learn new games for you to share at home. Our songs explore the entire language of music, tonalities, beat and rhythm. Our songs and games are child-like but not childish.

Our classes help children gain confidence while encouraging creativity and expression, as well as positively build on the relationship between you and your child. We believe all children (and parents) can learn to sing, and sing well when nurtured with developmentally appropriate musical education, in a safe and supportive environment. 

Sounds Like This for Kids' classes are filled with songs, poems, music and movements designed to enhance young children’s cognitive development; expanding language, co-ordination, social and emotional skills. Our experienced presenter sings songs with and without accompaniment and uses story telling, instruments, puppets and props to motivate children while they learn in a fun and engaging way.